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A Bridge to Cleaner Allocations – How Enbridge Deployed Oracle Cloud PCM to Solve Their Allocation Challenges

Is your organization stuck with executing your allocation models in disparate technologies that are not adequately meeting the expectation of your allocation stakeholders? Do you have a centralized allocation technology that is easily managed, scalable, traceable, and auditable?

Join us as Enbridge, the operator of the world’s longest and most complex crude oil and liquids transportation system, shares their allocation pilgrimage from performing allocations in disparate technologies, including Excel, the General Ledger, and Oracle Cloud Planning, to a centralized allocation solution in Oracle Cloud PCM that is fully integrated with the General Ledger and EPM applications.

In this session, Enbridge will share the challenges in the legacy allocation solutions, their journey to Oracle Cloud PCM, the benefits Oracle Cloud PCM provides, and the key lessons and learnings along the way.
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June 26th 01:30 PM
June 26th 02:30 PM
Operational Profitability
Case Studies
FP&A Professional, EPM Jack of all Trades Consultant, “Planning” Consultant, Financial Close Consultant, Financial Systems Analyst / Administrator, Accounting Professional

About the speaker:

Venkat Chitrala
Enbridge Inc

About the co-speaker:

Andrew Laferla
Product Director - Profitability and Cost Management

Andrew is the product director for Profitability and Cost Management (PCM) at Alithya. He has worked within the EPM industry for over a decade, focusing on profitability, activity and regulatory-based costing, business intelligence, and enterprise planning and budgeting. Andrew has gained experience across many industries, including financial services, investment, healthcare, manufacturing, government, and utilities. Through this exposure to multiple EPM technologies and industries, Andrew has continually worked with Oracle Profitability and Cost Management since his first exposure to HPCM in version