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Lessons with a New Born – a Year’s Worth of Enterprise PCM Tips and Tricks

Enterprise PCM has turned one! We have watched it grow and mature throughout the year as clients have implemented Enterprise PCM, and Oracle has added new features and functionality based on customer and partner feedback.

Over the past year, as we have implemented Enterprise PCM, we have had many learnings through our hands-on experience and learned what we should be doing, what we probably shouldn’t do, and what we cannot do!

This session will share the critical tips and tricks we learned while implementing Enterprise PCM throughout its first year. We will share lessons on best practices, techniques for optimizing performance and customer experience, and how to leverage the available functionality to reduce solution maintenance and ultimately lead to successful implementations.
Summit 5
June 27th 03:15 PM
June 27th 04:15 PM
General Profitability & Cost Management
Tips, Techniques, and Tuning
FP&A Professional, Finance Management (Director, Controller, VP), EPM Jack of all Trades Consultant, “Planning” Consultant, Financial Close Consultant, Financial Systems Analyst / Administrator, Accounting Professional

About the speaker:

Andrew Laferla
Product Director - Profitability and Cost Management

Andrew is the product director for Profitability and Cost Management (PCM) at Alithya. He has worked within the EPM industry for over a decade, focusing on profitability, activity and regulatory-based costing, business intelligence, and enterprise planning and budgeting. Andrew has gained experience across many industries, including financial services, investment, healthcare, manufacturing, government, and utilities. Through this exposure to multiple EPM technologies and industries, Andrew has continually worked with Oracle Profitability and Cost Management since his first exposure to HPCM in version