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The Seven Deadly Sins of Capital Programming!

Are you the star in this scary movie? You might be if you are managing a $MMM-$BBB capital program without the right processes and tools! We’ll discuss Seven Challenges of Capital Programming and learn how to slay the deadly-seven using the Oracle EPM Planning Cloud. Are you able to see emerging trends for upcoming renovations, upgrades, and equipment replacements? Are capital projects approved that don’t make any sense?Are you able to reallocate and distribute capital funds throughout the year? Are you drowning under a sea of capital requests in email, Word, and Excel? If these questions ring true, learn the strategies you can use to revamp capital programming using the Oracle EPM Planning Cloud.
Summit 8
June 26th 01:30 PM
June 26th 02:30 PM
Enterprise Planning
Capital Planning
FP&A Professional, EPM Jack of all Trades Consultant, “Planning” Consultant, Financial Systems Analyst / Administrator

About the speaker:

David Pabst, CPA
Solutions Director & Architect

David Pabst CPA/CITP is a finance and technology expert helping CFOs and finance organizations create agile and nimble forecasting processes.

David started his first software company in high school and now uses his systems, finance, and accounting expertise to create world-class forecasting processes. He advocates for creating simple-to-use, easy-to-understand processes that can be deployed widely through an organization with minimal training. David’s clients range from Fortune 100 organizations to fast-growing startups across retail, healthcare, transportation, life sciences, financial services, and manufacturing. David is a frequent speaker and writer on financial forecasting and reporting topics.

David recently wrote The Nine Principles of Agile Planning: Create Nimble and Dynamic Forecasting in Your Organization (, and The Nine Principles of Agile Planning. The Nine Principles blend real-world processes, people, and cloud tech to get your business forecasting the right way. By adopting the Nine Principles, you can create world-class forecasting that reacts to real-time changes in your business and reduces risk. You will be a forecasting hero!

David is a CPA/CITP, a PMI Project Management Professional (PMP), and an Oracle ACE Pro.

About the co-speaker:

Todd David Brown
Principal Consultant

Gaining a decade of experience as an accountant, prior to being an EPM consultant, gave me the necessary experience to make any application I architect, or build, work for the people that will use there applications day in and day out. My areas of expertise and passion lie in the beyond finance used cases of EPM Planning. Difficult operational planning models that don't fit any mold and focusing in on user experience for those non-finance managers in the organization that will be using the applications we develop.

Examples of the types of solutions I've built are:

- Hospital Staffing models that go down to the hour of each fay

- Warehouse Staffing models that focus on throughput for each location

- Capital Portfolio Planning that removes all of the off-line business processes into a single application, including project pro formas, customized workflow, and project monitoring.