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The Hidden Gem Award Goes To... EDM for Enabling Dynamic Allocation Solutions in Oracle Cloud Profitability

Oracle Cloud PCM, and now Enterprise PCM, have, for many years, been the gold standard for allocation solutions across the ERP and EPM industry. Clients worldwide and across every industry have found value in its ability to be the allocation solution of the Financial Close and Profitability Analytics processes and provide unparalleled efficiency, scalability, and transparency benefits.

However, all too often, we see clients under-leveraging their Oracle Cloud EPM investment by not efficiently leveraging Oracle Cloud Enterprise Data Management (EDM) to:
• Help simplify the dimension management of their allocation solution
• Reduce rule maintenance while enhancing traceability and reporting
• Enhance data integration capabilities while reducing unnecessary touchpoints and user errors
• Improve allocation solution performance
• Enhance auditing capabilities
• Leverage the appropriate EDM adapter for Classic PCM or Enterprise PCM use cases

Join us in this session to learn how to make the most of your Oracle Cloud EPM investment and ensure by leveraging Oracle Cloud EDM to enhance your Oracle Cloud PCM and Enterprise PCM allocation solutions.
Summit 5
June 28th 09:00 AM
June 28th 10:00 AM
Financial Close Allocations
Tips, Techniques, and Tuning
Financial Systems Analyst / Administrator, Finance Management (Director, Controller, VP), EPM Jack of all Trades Consultant, “Planning” Consultant, Financial Close Consultant

About the speaker:

Andrew Laferla
Product Director - Profitability and Cost Management

Andrew is the product director for Profitability and Cost Management (PCM) at Alithya. He has worked within the EPM industry for over a decade, focusing on profitability, activity and regulatory-based costing, business intelligence, and enterprise planning and budgeting. Andrew has gained experience across many industries, including financial services, investment, healthcare, manufacturing, government, and utilities. Through this exposure to multiple EPM technologies and industries, Andrew has continually worked with Oracle Profitability and Cost Management since his first exposure to HPCM in version

About the co-speaker:

Kevin Black
Product Manager - Master Data

Kevin Black is currently a product director at Alithya and an Oracle ACE Pro. He is an experienced Oracle EPM professional, having been involved in this space since 2005 – first as a client and then as a consultant, when he joined Edgewater Ranzal in 2014 (which later became Alithya).

His current focus is Oracle Enterprise Data Management (EDM), master data, and data governance. He is a certified EDM implementation specialist. He also has expertise in Data Relationship Management (DRM), Data Relationship Governance (DRG), and is a certified DRM implementation specialist.

Prior to his EPM career, Kevin held various IT positions at technology companies including Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies, and First Data Corporation. Kevin regularly writes blog posts and contributes to Oracle EPM community forums. Having spent the majority of his career as a customer, Kevin strives to always bring the client perspective to his consulting engagements.