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Automate This! Maximize EDM to Simplify Your FCC Dimensional Maintenance

Did you know that by using Oracle Enterprise Data Management (EDM), you can automate the dimension management you are performing directly (and manually) in FCC?

Join us in this session as we discuss how to optimally use EDM as a common tool to simplify your dimension maintenance and minimize errors. We will review best practices on hierarchy and property maintenance, and discuss automation options that you might want to use for your application, as well as discuss EDM’s governance capabilities to compliment your change management processes.
Crest 4
June 28th 10:15 AM
June 28th 11:15 AM
Financial Close
Financial Consolidation
Tips, Techniques, and Tuning
Accounting Professional, EPM Jack of all Trades Consultant, Financial Close Consultant, Financial Systems Analyst / Administrator

About the speaker:

Geordan Drummond
Product Manger - Financial Close

Geordan Drummond has over 20 years of experience with Oracle EPM/Hyperion products, starting as an Enterprise administrator and continuing on as a consultant for FCCS, ARCS, EPRCS, HFM, FCM, ARM, SDM, and HTP.  He is focused on the close and consolidation product lineup at Alithya.

About the co-speaker:

Kevin Black
Product Manager - Master Data

Kevin Black is currently a product director at Alithya and an Oracle ACE Pro. He is an experienced Oracle EPM professional, having been involved in this space since 2005 – first as a client and then as a consultant, when he joined Edgewater Ranzal in 2014 (which later became Alithya).

His current focus is Oracle Enterprise Data Management (EDM), master data, and data governance. He is a certified EDM implementation specialist. He also has expertise in Data Relationship Management (DRM), Data Relationship Governance (DRG), and is a certified DRM implementation specialist.

Prior to his EPM career, Kevin held various IT positions at technology companies including Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies, and First Data Corporation. Kevin regularly writes blog posts and contributes to Oracle EPM community forums. Having spent the majority of his career as a customer, Kevin strives to always bring the client perspective to his consulting engagements.