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Groovy: The New Oracle EPM Headliner

There are three things that are certain in this world: Death, Taxes, and the value of Groovy.

Whether you are an implementation partner or a customer, you have likely heard of Groovy. As a feature within the Cloud EPM Platform, Groovy opens many doors we never knew existed. In this session, we will review some creative use-cases and explore these opportunities.

And if you haven't heard of Groovy yet, that is okay too! This presentation will take you through the common anatomy of a Groovy script and offer some immediately actionable knowledge so you too can become an empowered EPM problem solver. The examples covered will not be theory – they will be practicality! These are real solutions that are in use today and truly improve the business process and the user experience.

Some Groovy use-cases we will review together include:
1. Updating metadata-based, user-driven input
2. Early intervention to catch data issues before save
3. Informed Calculations based on where data exists
4. Creating blocks efficiently and quickly to use in downstream processes, such as top-down or aggregate level calculations
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June 27th 04:30 PM
June 27th 05:30 PM
Enterprise Planning
Enterprise Planning Platform
Tips, Techniques, and Tuning
FP&A Professional, Finance Management (Director, Controller, VP), EPM Jack of all Trades Consultant, “Planning” Consultant, Financial Close Consultant, Financial Systems Analyst / Administrator, Accounting Professional

About the speaker:

Ross Martin
Principal Consultant

Ross Martin is a principal within the Oracle Practice at Alithya, where he has spent the last 10 years contributing to one of the largest and most trusted multi-national EPM firms. He has been in the EPM and IT space for over a decade, collaborating with customers to engineer and implement solutions that truly improve user experience and minimize the burden of ownership. Starting with Alithya as an associate, he has gained exposure to each phase of the project life-cycle – from sales to support – by actually doing it, not just talking about it. He has vast experience with Enterprise clients and beyond, spanning industries across manufacturing, healthcare, retail, life sciences and more.


Ross offers a unique perspective to consulting with a background in both business and criminal justice. He brings a pragmatic viewpoint to each engagement, emphasizing simplistic and logical solutions to complex problems. Ross has been certified in Cloud and On-Premise Oracle and non-Oracle EPM products. He currently resides in Boston, MA, where he enjoys being a self-proclaimed foodie/beer enthusiast, golf, and Formula 1.

About the co-speaker:

Ryan Ward
Lead Consultant