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DRM to EDM – I’m Ready to Make the Leap! But How Do I Do It?

When Oracle Enterprise Data Management (EDM) was released in early 2018, the primary question clients had was around the capabilities of the product: Can EDM do what Data Relationship Management (DRM) does?

Now that EDM has matured into a robust cloud master data management solution, the question has changed to: What is the best way to migrate my DRM implementation to EDM? Over the past few years, Alithya has helped clients migrate their sophisticated DRM implementations to the cloud with Oracle EDM. Large-scale DRM-to-EDM migrations are challenging enough, and when you factor in Data Relationship Governance (DRG) workflows, ERP integrations, and change management issues, the hurdles can be daunting!

Join me in this session to hear lessons learned (along with a few battle scars!), best practices, and critical design principles that will assist your organization as you make the leap from DRM to EDM. Some of the topics we will explore include:
• How do I translate my DRG workflows to EDM approval policies?
• What are data chain considerations as I move from the DRM architecture to the EDM architecture and philosophy?
• How do I analyze DRM artifacts to determine what’s needed in EDM?
• How do I handle integrations for universal adapter applications?
• What people and process-related change management challenges I should prepare for?
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June 26th 04:15 PM
June 26th 05:15 PM
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About the speaker:

Kevin Black
Product Manager - Master Data

Kevin Black is currently a product director at Alithya and an Oracle ACE Pro. He is an experienced Oracle EPM professional, having been involved in this space since 2005 – first as a client and then as a consultant, when he joined Edgewater Ranzal in 2014 (which later became Alithya).

His current focus is Oracle Enterprise Data Management (EDM), master data, and data governance. He is a certified EDM implementation specialist. He also has expertise in Data Relationship Management (DRM), Data Relationship Governance (DRG), and is a certified DRM implementation specialist.

Prior to his EPM career, Kevin held various IT positions at technology companies including Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies, and First Data Corporation. Kevin regularly writes blog posts and contributes to Oracle EPM community forums. Having spent the majority of his career as a customer, Kevin strives to always bring the client perspective to his consulting engagements.