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What the Heck Is EPM Anyway? Connecting APEX to Another World…

You may have noticed that there is a whole other part of the Kscope conference populated with people walking around getting all excited about something called EPM. You know, the people that get that blank look on their face when they ask what you do and you answer, "I develop with APEX."

Well, it's a whole 'nuther world out there, with opportunities galore for you to use your APEX skillset and develop useful applications that aid not only the EPM user but especially the EPM administrators.

In this session, you'll learn what Oracle EPM is all about and what it is used for. We will explore how APEX could be used to integrate common information and tasks from EPM systems into a secure application that can be used everywhere from your PC to your tablet to your favorite mobile device. You'll learn about how authentication and authorization works with connections to EPM and how to create a simple application that communicates with EPM through EPM Cloud's vast library of REST API calls.
Summit 6
June 27th 01:45 PM
June 27th 02:45 PM
Oracle APEX
Extensions & Integrations
FP&A Professional, Forward Thinker, Database Engineer, APEX Project Manager, APEX Developer - Frontend Focus, Database Designer, Database Administrator, Backend Developer, Full-stack APEX Developer, APEX Developer - Backend Focus, EPM Jack of all Trades Consultant, Financial Systems Analyst / Administrator

About the speaker:

Kurt Mayer
CPM Solutions Architect

Kurt has been living and breathing analytics and reporting, business intelligence, and data integration for nearly 40 years—the last 20 years of which he has enjoyed working in the Oracle EPM/BI space. Hailing from both corporate and consulting worlds has allowed Kurt to hold diverse positions in a wide range of industries, including food and restaurant, retail, insurance, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing. 

As a solutions architect, Kurt specializes in the design, delivery, and support of solutions for both on-premises and cloud-based projects utilizing Hyperion EPM, Oracle Essbase, and Oracle Analytics. Kurt also delivers instructor-led Oracle product training for Oracle University.

A well-received speaker, Kurt has co-presented at ODTUG Kscope18, presented at Kscope19, and has presented at North Central Oracle Applications User Group (NCOAUG) Training Days, Michigan Oracle Users Summit (MOUS), and the Northeast Joint Oracle User Group Meeting (NEOAUG). Kurt is a Board Director for ODTUG and is co-chair of the EPM Content Committee.  He also volunteers with the ODTUG Analytics and EPM Communities while serving in various other ODTUG committees and capacities.

When he doesn't have his head in "the cloud", Kurt enjoys a little wind therapy, riding his Harley around Southeastern Texas.